The Cult of LNJ

Café Guillotine
Café Guillotine
Café Guillotine


Our fans range from the casual LNJ listeners, the golems and grasshoppers that you can meet in the supermarket, to the hardcore devotees and masters who give their entire life to the cult of Lilou & John and plan for the coming rapture of our fans to immortality.

Regardless of their devotion all fans share one common enemy which they resist at all cost: the Brain-Wyrm of Mainstream Ga Ga and its countless drones.

We have designed this little personality test for our fans, as a token of our appreciation. May it guide you all to ever more enlightenment on the path toward divinity and great music.


You listen to the radio at work. Suddenly the radio explodes. What do you do?

Look at your workmates to see their facial expression. You mimic theirs.

Swear. That was in the middle of your favorite show.

Laugh. Now you can listen to Lilou & John instead.

Chuckle. It seems your telekinetic powers just started working.