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  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     NOT DEAD YET Lilou & John list five movies everyone must see | Lilou comes up with some good suggestions | John is a relic from the past John: You call this picture “Not dead yet” and I think that could be a good name for our […]


  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     STUPIDITY FOR DUMMIES John wants to know more about stupidity | Lilou tells us about the difference between dormant and actual stupidity | John says “poop” John: Is stupidity a disease or a choice or something else? Let us figure that out today, honey. Lilou: This is […]
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  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     BAD Lilou & John discuss bad things | Lilou is bad | Lilou is hungry John: Today we are talking about everything they say is bad. Sugar. Racism. Capitalism. What is bad and why is it bad? Lilou: …You forgot being fat. John: Sure. Being fat is […]