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  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     ROADCRAWLER We learn why music was better before 1945 | Lilou & John present their new Spotify playlist | Lilou explains why the expression “dyke hair cut” isn’t offensive. John: I think modern music is no good. What do you think? Lilou: Well, I’ve become quite picky […]


  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     THE RIGHT COLOR Lilou & John talk about re-painting art objects | Lilou talks about masculinity | John explains why he likes masculine men and feminine women. John: It was difficult to re-paint this wooden ball because of the structure, but I like the way it turned […]


  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     GARBAGE Lilou & John are debating garbage disposal | Lilou explains why she dislikes upcykling and poseurs | John hints that Singapore might have the solution. John: Time for a serious issue. Should garbage be burned or should we just toss it into the rivers like they […]
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  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     BUCKET LIST John tries to be cool | He isn’t | We learn what Lilou & John want to do before they die. John: Alright, I wanna use contractions like “wanna” and call you baby, because it’s time to be loose and leave our comfort zone. This […]
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  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     CALM THE PHUQUE DOWN Lilou & John talk about their new Spotify playlist | John impersonates Sam from “Lord of the Rings” | John wants to reconquer Jerusalem. John: We have put together a Spotify playlist with choirs and such. It feels like we are inside a […]


  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     HAUNTED PLACES Lilou & John talk about photography and haunted houses | They discuss the strange mist that appeared on the Petrodollar Wars music video. John: Why do we visit haunted old places to take pictures? Lilou: Because they are inspiring. Despite the fact that they are […]


  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     DEATHTRAP: VAN HELSING Lilou & John discuss the video game Deathtrap: Van Helsing | We learn that Lilou is not a natural born killer | We also learn why Lilou married John. John: You have started playing a new game on Xbox One. Not really that new, […]


  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     THE SWEDISH SITUATION Lilou & John talk about “the Swedish condition” | John tells a joke | Lilou doesn’t laugh. John: Do you know there is a Norwegian saying, “The Swedish condition”, which basically means everything the Norwegians don’t want for their country? Lilou: I didn’t know […]