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  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     THE NETFLIX SYNDROME “The Netflix Syndrome” is the topic of the day | Lilou is upset | John is upset too John: Today we are discussing the enormous problem we have labelled “The Netflix Syndrome”, which basically means… Lilou: Which basically means using streaming services as propaganda […]


  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     PORNO Lilou & John discuss porno | John makes comparisons | Lilou has all the answers, as ususal John: We have quit porno. It’s like quit smoking, isn’t it? Lilou: No, I don’t get sudden porno urges. John: That is correct. No comparison can withstand any closer […]


  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     FIRST GIG Lilou & John talk about their first gig in Norway | Lilou is surprised | John likes Norwegian brown cheese John: We went to Norway recently to play a few songs. What is your best memory from the trip? Lilou: When we were about to […]


  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     EDM NOVEAUX Lilou & John talk about their upcoming album | John calls their fans “the literallies” | Lilou expects the album to be banned John: Ok, the title of this post may sound a bit weird but we are currently recording and mixing our first EDM […]


  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     NOT DEAD YET Lilou & John list five movies everyone must see | Lilou comes up with some good suggestions | John is a relic from the past John: You call this picture “Not dead yet” and I think that could be a good name for our […]


  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     VIVE LA REVOLUTION Lilou & John are talking about some of the morons that have criticized their band | Lilou admits that she enjoys watching porn | John never says anything fun. John: Vive la revolution! Isn’t it good to be on the barricades against everything and […]


  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     TRAIL OF TEARS AND BUNS Lilou & John remember their trips to the recording studio | They discuss why “Cherokee” by Europe is bad lyrics | John talks a little about religion. John: What is your best memory from our visits to recording studios? Lilou: Oh, wow, […]


  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     HELLBOY Lilou & John discuss the Hellboy movies | Lilou explains why she loves Karl Ruprecht and has sympathy for Prince Nuada. John: This image makes me think about the Hellboy movies. Personally, I love him. He smokes cigars, loves cats and reminds of Donald Trump on […]


  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     ROADCRAWLER We learn why music was better before 1945 | Lilou & John present their new Spotify playlist | Lilou explains why the expression “dyke hair cut” isn’t offensive. John: I think modern music is no good. What do you think? Lilou: Well, I’ve become quite picky […]


  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     CALM THE PHUQUE DOWN Lilou & John talk about their new Spotify playlist | John impersonates Sam from “Lord of the Rings” | John wants to reconquer Jerusalem. John: We have put together a Spotify playlist with choirs and such. It feels like we are inside a […]