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  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     BEDROOM STAR Lilou has bought a new lamp | Lilou loves her new lamp | John calls her a Nazi John: The Bedroom Star is not a star at all, and strictly speaking it is not necessarily limited to use in the bedroom either. Why don’t you […]


  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     THE LIPSTICK John hates modern architecture | Lilou is not as radical | We learn why Lilou does not work in a skyscraper. John: Modern architecture is so ugly. It can be nice on rare occasions, but overall it’s just disgusting, isn’t it? Lilou: I think it […]


  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     ORIGINAL Lilou explains how patches can make a leather jacket look better | Lilou & John discuss masculine versus girly accessories. John: This leather jacket is a real treat for my eyes. The patches are great, but when combined like this they make the jacket shine. How […]


  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     THE RIGHT COLOR Lilou & John talk about re-painting art objects | Lilou talks about masculinity | John explains why he likes masculine men and feminine women. John: It was difficult to re-paint this wooden ball because of the structure, but I like the way it turned […]


  CAFÉ GUILLOTINE | BORN DOXXED     REBELLION John explains why he wore pins on his leather jacket | Lilou doesn’t care | John wants rebellion | Lilou still doesn’t care. John: Motörhead, Aleister Crowley and the Playboy bunny. What do they have in common, other than that they appeared on my jacket a […]